Adam Boalt, CEO of govWorks—How Websites Shook The World Of Business

Now, people do not particularly want to be bothered or to take time to look at the flyers handed to them. This is due to the fact that they would prefer to spend more time on the internet because the common mantra is that “the internet has everything you need to know”. Here are the ways the internet changed the world of business.

Changing The Gameplay

  • What consumers want

Nowadays, what people want is convenience and that everything should be done fast and easily. That is exactly how the internet caters to people. With how busy an average working person’s lifestyle is, checking out the internet is the brief time to relax and get their eyes feasted on the data they want. Most of the market already uses the internet so businesses have to cope.

  • Online activity

The activity online is tremendous and so many people do lots of transactions through the internet every second—may it be posting something in their social media accounts, watching videos, sending emails, ordering online, scanning through products online, online banking, etc. Those are just some of the activities people do and what many people including Adam Boalt, CEO of govWorks noticed is that it can be such a huge advantage for businesses.

  • The intense competition

If those are the facts, it wouldn’t be surprising that so many people are now resorting to going online for various business activities such as promotion, advertising, and even when it comes to transacting with clients. Well, lots of businesses currently have their own website now and those are helpful tools in gaining more audience and at the same time cater to their clients. The competition then, even on the internet, is intense. However, it depends on the interest of the buyer as well as the placement of information from the company. Promoting in the right places is the way to go with that one.


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