This site runs automated builds of various projects, most notably AntInstaller. Feel free to lift the code here, it is all open source, although some is GPL.It is mostly not production quality code, these are nightly builds and bits and bobs of Java I find useful and am able to share. AntInstaller is the only project with anything like support. The main project site is hosted at sourceforge where RFE and bugs can be reported and forum questions get answered (eventually). This site holds the nightly builds which are generally useful.If the latest log file is red it means the overnight build failed

Projects list

  • AntInstallerSvn

    AntInstaller creates self extracting Jars which are installers, the GUI screens are configured in XML and the install process itself is an embedded Ant script

  • FileTreeSelector

    FileTreeSelector is a Swing widget based on JTree with files and/or directories selectable with checkboxes and an API for accessing the chosen files. There is support for java.io.File types and custom elements for example webdav file structures.

  • JSPTemplates

    a templating engine based on tomcat 3.2 JSP parser that does not require http access and can generate arbitrary text with JSPs for example emails or static html output

  • MiniInstaller

    A utility for making simple self extracting jars based on AntInstaller code. By adding a pair of classes to any normal Jar file, it can be executed and a popup will ask the user where to extract the file. There is a simple hook mechanism for running additional code.

  • build_farm

    Set of Ant scripts and file structure to define a standard build layout for libraries and webapps

  • commons

    common tools across projects

  • crystalxmms2

    A fancy swing GUI for XMMS XMMS2 and the xmmsfileserverplugin for the HttpFileServer

  • farmproc

    Offline batch runner tool that executes jobs placed in a common file system. This enables the unix user that runs the webapp to initiate tasks that this user does not have permissions to perform.

  • farmweb

    The code for this website

  • fileserver

    Http file server for upload and download of files

  • httpproxy

    Developers HTTP proxy, an HTTP/1.1 proxy can dump the whole contents of proxied data for debugging

  • jHtmlTemplate

    GUI templating engine for creating static html pages from temapltes that have JSP syntax.

  • jim

    Java based todolist (pim)

  • onetimemessage

    A webapp that shows a message only once, when deployed over SSL this enables passing information, for example a new password, and to be sure it has been delivered securely with out the need for complex certificate chains and without having to put any faith in a certificate authority.

  • q00p

    website for showing albums of images, based on this site’s codebase

  • shoutboard

    web chat, not very clever but functional

  • statussocket

    Socket and Socket listener tool to provide status over the network about running applications.

  • sysout

    GUI widgets

  • taskdefs

    Ant Tasks for build_farm

  • vpppn-callcenter

    Service for connecting members of the network

  • vpppn-client

    Java based vpn client, with grid network features

  • vpppn-core

    common code for vpppn

  • vpppn-server-router

    deprecated vpppn dhc service

  • xmldata

    about the most simple XML API one could imagine

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