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What is a winder?

2019-03-27 16:37:41

The rewinding machine is a special equipment for paper, mica tape and film. Its purpose is to rewind the paper roll produced by the paper machine (called the original paper roll), and the paper is re-rolled to make the finished paper. Factory. The AC drive of the winder replaces the DC drive and has become a development trend in the paper machine industry. The paper roll taken by the reel is relatively soft, the inside may be damaged or broken, the edges on both sides are not neat, and the width of the paper width can not be directly used in machines such as paper processing or printing. Most paper types (such as newsprint) , letterpress printing paper, wrapping paper, etc.) must be trimmed, slit, jointed, re-rolled on the paper core to form a finished product of certain specifications and certain tightness requirements before leaving the factory.

The rewinding process mainly accomplishes three tasks:

First, cutting off the raw paper burrs;



Second, the entire base paper is cut into a number of widths that meet user specifications;

Third, control the winding diameter of the finished paper roll to meet the factory specifications.

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